Wild Cat Den State Park

by Kari
(Muscatine, IA)

A Peek at Wild Cat Den

A Peek at Wild Cat Den

Wild Cat Den State park is one of eastern Iowa's best kept secrets and just a couple of miles from our farm...but now it's "out of the bag" because I'm telling you about it, right?

With hiking trails galore and scenery to match with scaling cliffs, wild cat dens, yes, real dens, bubbling creek, picnic areas and sometime lots of mosquitoes. I'm just telling you that, because, although it is true, it might keep some of you away. We don't want any overcrowding you see.

Oh, and you don't want to miss the restored grist mill and one room school house either which are open quite often during the summer.

The creek is also great for skating in the winter. One winter it was magical...the ice was so clear and smooth and we could see small fish swimming underneath as we skated above on the ice...soooo neat!

It's a wonderful place to celebrate my winter birthday with ice skating in Wild Cat Den.

In the summer, nothing beats creek walking or swimming in Wild Cat Den state park.

So, this view is just a peek but you'll love it there. Don't miss the Devil's Punchbowl Be sure to bring a small pocketknife with you so you can add your name to the centuries of other moss covered names scratched in the limestone cliffs.

See ya there!

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