WestField Mall Carousel

WestField Mall...be a "kid" again by riding the whimsical carousel in Aurora, Illinois, near Chicago

I recently spent an afternoon window shopping at the West Field Mall near Chicago. Carousels bring back happy memories of days gone by when as a child I would climb on board and take a fun ride. But that was in the summer, when the fair was in a nearby town. I can't imagine being a child and having a carousel ride accessible whenever we were at the mall!

WestField mall Aurora Chicago
West Field Mall Aurora near Chicago Photo by Kari

Nor, as a child were there these amazing climbing places to entertain us while mom spent endless hours shopping or looking at fabric or patterns.

WestField mall Climbing Tree
West Field Mall Climbing Tree Photo by Kari

My husband, Mark, often laughs when he recalls waiting for his mother while she looked at patterns. We sewed more "back then".

Children Climbing in WestField Mall Chicago
Children Climbing in West Field Mall Chicago Photo by Kari

He certainly would have been more inclined to go shopping if he knew it meant a trip to this climbing tree.

Chicago Style Easter
Easter in Chicago Photo by Kari

And these photos prove that Chicago and its suburbs, like Aurora do up Easter in a big way. I just would like to see the storage room these malls have for these enormous props when they're not in use.

Chicago Style Easter
Chicago Style Easter Photo by Kari

I was especially thrilled to find a real jeweler at West Field Mall, one who could do some appraising for my pearls which I sell on KariPearls.com.

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