Typical AnderWood Pasture Walk

Anderwood Pasture Walk

Anderwood Pasture Walk

A typical Anderwood pasture walk? Well, maybe not so typical...Andrew doesn't take out his drywalling stilts for EVERY pasture walk, but with atypical guests, Mark and Andy, from China, he wanted to make it extra special.

Yes, Andrew keeps us on our toes, literally, sometimes.

Our guests were amazed at how blessed we are here at AnderWood. Their families live in a small apartment in China and here we have SO MUCH room, and listening to their appreciation for our space helps us appeciate it more too.

Chinese Friends Mark and Andy with John
Chinese Friends Mark & Andy with John

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Great walk
by: Jane

The walk did have success, didn't it? My friends from Ohio also like walking in the woods with me. We meet not so often, but when we do, there is no place for us that can be unreachable.

Any Taller
by: Diane V.

Andrew can you get any taller, I guess so. That looks like fun, another idea put into reality.

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