Tokyo Airport Art & Beauty

Tokyo airport contains art and beauty.

Art Tokyo Airport
Art in Tokyo Air Port

I've noticed that international airports are becoming art galleries. I love it. Having beautiful local art work to enjoy makes traveling so much more enjoyable.

Mosaic Tokyo Airport
Mosaic Tokyo

It used to be that airports were more sterile and functional than beautiful. Now, these places are catching on to using the massive space for displaying their country's talent for art.

Tokyo Airport Art
Airport Art

Take this gigantic mosaic art cube at the airport in Tokyo. Isn't it perfectly wonderful? Refreshing, eye-catching, colorful, fun, surprising. How could anyone just walk by this? I had to search it out from all angles....I loved it!

Tokyo Airport Artcube
Tokyo Art Cube

It's also massive, you can tell that by comparing it to the little people walking by it. Even the international airport in Moline, Illinois, which is only about twenty minutes from our home, is now displaying local artwork....makes waiting so much more enjoyable.

Tokyo Airport Mosaic
Tokyo Mosaic

This Japanese airport also has these marvelous real flowers in full bloom to enjoy.

Tokyo Airport Flowers
Airport Flowers

The colors are so vivid and bright....again, how can folks just walk past these? I was entranced, but then, I'm usually the one lagging behind, trying to take in all the sights and sounds.

Tokyo Airport Flowers
Tokyo Flowers

Hey, maybe that's why I avoid official tours like the plague....I'm sooo slow and pokey and want to see everything!

Tokyo Airport Flowers
Airport Flowers

Don't get me wrong, Tokyo is also filled with beautiful flowers all around the city. Plants grow huge there!

Tokyo Airport Flowers
Tokyo Airport Flowers

And ourside of little tiny apartments, folks grow things in containers. These people love growing things. It helps me appreciate the acres we have on our farm, which, we too often take for granted.

Tokyo Airport Flowers
Tokyo Airport Flowers

These cherry blossoms were not actually blooming in the airport, but these life size photos were in full bloom there.

Don't they look real? It made me feel like I was walking through the authentic trees....only the fragrance was missing, shucks, maybe they could figure out a way to get some cherry blossoms smell be wafted around the area.

Tokyo Airport Blossoms
Tokyo Blossoms

Anna once took some superb photos of cherry blossoms blooming in a Paris cemetery we were investigating. She blew up the photos huge and has them hanging in her room and now a small one at her work station at Ashford University in Clinton, Iowa.

Tokyo Airport Cherry Blossoms
Tokyo Airport Cherry Blossoms

So....keep your eyes open. Beauty is all around you!

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