The Netherlands

News of the Netherlands. I always thought that Holland was the real name for this country, but not true.

Holland is only a section, not the whole.

Amsterdam, Holland, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Holland, Netherlands

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Be sure to visit Ann Frank's home in Amsterdam, especially if you've read "Diary
of Ann Frank". It's an easy walk from the train station.

Also note the old buildings as you walk around Amsterdam. Some date back to
the 1600's, when the USA was barely on the map. Do be careful as you pass
them, however, some lean terribly into the street.

After having stopped a few times at Schiphol airport I finally was able to
visit a home...and what a pleasure and thrill it was to be invited into
a Dutch home. It was in Den Helder at the peak of this country and I loved passing thatch roof houses and canals on the way there.

Our hosts were superb and treated us way above what we deserved. I enjoyed
eating off of the blue & white delft china and the tours of the countryside.

We are blessed!


Enjoy Sarah's woes while traipsing around Amsterdam on a visit to the Netherlands.



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