The Berlin Wall

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Berlin Wall Mural, East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Berlin Wall Mural, East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany

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Something happened to me on that trip through the darkness of that East Germany night. A spirit of intercession fell on me like never before. Prayers rose in a continual stream from my heart to God for these trapped and forsaken people. I literally could not stop praying. The spirit prayed through me silently, intensely....prayers ascending, ascending, ascending to the throne of God for a release from this horrible nightmare for these precious people who were trapped in their own familiar surroundings with no escape.

I spent most of my time standing in the narrow train hall staring out the window on this darkened land of East Germany separated from the West by the Berlin Wall and letting the intercession rise from my soul to heaven.

I knew there were multitudes of others joining me in deep intercession. I also knew that God was listening....someday, these people would be free.

The increasing economic prosperity of West Germany led large numbers of East Germans to flee to the West. Since the 1940s, East Germans had been leaving the Soviet zone of Germany to emigrate to the west. The ongoing emigration of East Germans further strained the East German economy.

On the night of 13 August 1961, East German troops sealed the border between West and East Berlin and started to build the infamous wall.


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