The Art of Walking Around

by John Anderson
(Muscatine, Iowa)

Drifters: John, Chris and Jacob

Drifters: John, Chris and Jacob

Ever feel like there's nothing to do?

Don't forget that even after you've run out of movies, grown tired of surfing the interweb, and are as broke as the U.S. Treasury, there's still stuff to do!

Some of my fondest memories didn't cost me a penny. All I did was follow these three simple steps and had a great time!

All you gotta do:

1. Get up
2. Go out
3. Walk around.

It doesn't really matter where you go. Actually, it's better if you don't "go" anywhere specifically. If you have a destination, that diminishes the possibility of coming across something interesting.

I can tell you from my own experience that having a destination would probably have eliminated many great discoveries, such as:

- The amazing joys of trying to catch a football with a shopping cart

- The enchanting underground network of service tunnels beneath the University of Iowa

- The abandoned clock tower on Chicago's Navy Pier

So get up, grab a friend, and go wander around like a directionless bison. It's fun!

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Dec 02, 2009
Gone with the Wind!
by: Lynette

"I love this article! Think I fail into the "wanderer" category or at least I used to be! Used to just hate it when #1 Daughter had to know exactly where we were going and when and how much time we were going to spend at each place. Something I was never used to doing before. Go with the wind.......or is it.......Gone with the Wind!! Ha!"

Dec 02, 2009
Love it!
by: Anonymous

Hey....I love this! Super duper idea.

When traveling, this idea is a no-brainer, but often neglected when on one's own turf. Just think of how many adventures we miss just because we think we've seen it all?

WaaaHooo! Thanks for the great tip! See you later....outside somewhere walking around!

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