Texas BlueBonnets

Texas bluebonnets are a lupine. By Mary Seiler

There are several shades of blue. I like the dark blue best. Once in a while there is a pink and rarely a pure white. In North Dakota, when I was a little girl, we found yellow ones.

Bluebonnet Wild Flowers
Bluebonnet Wild Flowers

It was a former First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson's beautifying program that caused wildflowers to be planted along the roads... bluebonnets with Indian Paintbrush, which are a pink, orange, or rose color and red clover with pink and yellow buttercups.

Bluebonnet flowers
Bluebonnet Flowers

Those in fields and cow pastures, are self sown. Cattle and goats don't eat them because the plants are bitter and when a person picks them, their hands will have a sour green odor.

They are seldom found in flower beds.

Bluebonnet Texas Wildflowers
Bluebonnet Texas Wildflowers

They start coming up in January or February and by April are in full bloom.

East of Dallas, in fields and ditches, they are so pretty but the real beautiful ones are on the roads to south central Texas.

Bluebonnet Wildflowers of Texas
Bluebonnet Wildflowers of Texas

A wet winter and wet spring make for masses of them. In dry years they don't bother to sprout. The seeds are hard and need a good soaking or rubbing a handful between a sheet of sand paper to thin the very hard seed shell.

Texas Bluebonnets
Texas Blue Bonnets

I miss seeing them as they don't grow here in Charlotte. It's too cold. I had a friend from Seguin send me some stems, as I want to put them in lockets.

Bluebonnet Lupine and rattle snake in Texas
Bluebonnet Lupine and Rattle Snake in Texas

Now I am not having any luck finding the lockets I want. I have a Edelweiss flower in a silver oval ring band with a glass dome and a heavy plastic bottom part, so you can see through it and I wanted some lockets like that.

Rattlesnake in Bluebonnet flowers
Rattlesnake in Bluebonnet Flowers

Thelockets would be to hold baby hair or loved ones hair nd special tiny flowers.

Texas Rattlesnake
Texas Rattlesnake

Care must be taken if photographing children sitting among the Texas bluebonnets...you can easily see why!

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