Tallest Building Dubai
Burj Dubai

Tallest building Dubai -- Burj Dubai

Burj Dubai Tallest Building Dubai
Burj Dubai Tallest Building photo by Kari

My new friends in Dubai thought I shouldn't leave town without getting a close glimpse of the world's newest & tallest building, so they entertained me at the Shakespeare & Co restaurant where we could wander out on the balcony while waiting for our sandwiches to be prepared and gaze directly at this new world wonder.

By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed the Shakespear restaurant, however misplaced it seemed. We ate on couches and stuffed "living room" chairs in myriad of tapestry prints and furniture styles, nothing boring about that place!

After our meal, my hosts tried their hardest to get as close a humanly possible to the new monolith, the tallest building in the world. The usual haze or dust is everywhere with workers all trying in desperation to protect their nostrils from filling up with it.

Burj Dubai Tallest Building Dubai
Burj Dubai Tallest Building Dubai photo by Kari

I did find the overused word, Burj, confusing, however, simply because a few days earlier I enjoyed a fantastical outdoor party in the shadow of the Burj hotel which is an entirely different structure all together.


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