Susan the Biker

Sarah, Matt & Susan the Biker

Sarah, Matt & Susan the Biker

Susan, the biker, stopped by this summer to spend the night. She found us on Global Free Loaders, which is a wonderful website that connects folks from all over the world with free overnight exchanges.

Via Global Free Loaders we've had a doctor from England stay with us and a student from Canada. It's always exciting to see who they are, what they do and get to know a stranger.

Susan was from Cedar Rapids and made our home her first night stop on her long journey to Nova Scotia. Yes, on her bike! We were all in awe of her amazing goal of reaching that far distant land on two wheels peddled and powered by her own two legs.

The first thing Sarah asked her when she arrived was, "Do you swim?" (We didn't even give her a moment to rest....oh, dear.)

Naturally, Susan was the athletic type person who was game for taking a dip in our wonderful pond, so in a few minutes we, Sarah, Susan and myself, were having a nice chat while swimming laps in our pond.

Susan knitted and loved seeing my potential wool business, sewed her own business clothes, made her own jewelry and loved veggies! Lucky for us we had a nice garden last summer enabling us to provide a vast variety of fresh veggies for her to enjoy at supper.

Sharing our home with strangers is something we enjoy doing. Don't forget to entertain strangers for some have hosted angels unaware....Susan was our angel.

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