Stocking the WoodBox at Anderwood

Stocking the woodbox at Anderwood. Almost everyone got into the act and didn't spot the hidden "webcam" that caught them slaving away with armloads of wood.

It took 40 rolls of masking tape to paint the black and white checked tiles on our cement basement floor. Even if we used the best industrial epoxy paint money could buy, after 13 years of use several areas are badly worn off, mainly in the kitchen area and in front of the wood burning stove. Once we find 12" X 12" black and white tiles reasonably priced we will put those down or maybe we'll opt to repaint.

Matt kindly mopped up the black & white floor after stocking the woodbox. Thanks Matt! You're a sweetie!

You can also get a glimpse of our cluttered mud room. Someday maybe one of us will get that organized. Just finding a new home for the unused treadmill will help. Want a free treadmill? And do we really need all these coats?

The mudroom was one of Mark's great ideas....and it is just that, a mudroom.

The paneling on the left is recycled maple flooring. The boys took out tons of nails before we could use it. Sam skillfully and quickly finished off the corner which hides a support beam for the top three stories of our monster house.

You'll also get a snapshot of my very "Country" basement kitchen. Deciding to put the kitchen in the basement was one of the best decisions we made when designing and building our home. I love it down here. It's warm in the winter because of the wood burning stove and naturally cool in the summer.

My country kitchen is "growing" on the kids, who have often asked me when I was going to get a "real" kitchen. Andrew did admit the other day that he's getting accustomed to my choice of kitchen style. My theory is that anyone with $5-10,000 can have a very beautiful, but generic kitchen. My colorful unique kitchen is lovingly "put together" piece by piece as an item was bought, refinished, discovered, rescued and the like.

Kari and June in Anderwood Kitchen
Kari & June in Anderwood Kitchen

My 89 year old mother-in-law hasn't visited us for awhile and wondered where I kept the silverware. I showed her and she said, "Oh, in the stove!" Yes, I use an old gas stove on legs for storage. It cost me $1 at an auction and is one of my treasures.

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