San Salvador Highway

On the way to Sonsonate from the airport, we took the San Salvador highway. I noticed the crops--mainly coffee, beans and oilseed--were grown on the side of the steep hills.

It seemed pretty difficult to work on so steep an edge, much less walk. The contrast was amazing to the moist black topsoil of eastern Iowa's cornfields.

The bus we hired was cramped and the trip was like 3 hours, but no one really seemed to care. Watching all the people walk along the highway with coconuts, dried fish, or anything else you could imagine, was a sight to see. And of course, every half mile there just had to be a coke stand.

Far off into the distance you could see dozens of fenced-in communities, with thousands of yellow and white houses, all exactly the same. They looked like high-end prisons. Depressing.

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