Rustiq Bakery
Sintimbru, Romania

Rustiq bakery....join me for a visit and view this video of rolls being taken out of the oven....I've always wanted to see that done.

VIDEO--Removing Bread from Oven

I love seeing how things work and this visit to a Romanian bakery was thrilling for me. I've never seen inside of one of those huge ovens before.

Bakery in Romania
Bakery in Romania

Since I've been baking my own bread for several years now, seeing how it's done commercially brought things into perspective.

Bakery flour shoot
Ceiling Flour Shoot

Imagine having the flour in the ceiling above you....there must be lots of flour up there to need such a big shoot.

Rustiq Bakery
Romanian Bakery

Imagine needing to remove several pans of nicely browned rolls at exactly the right time, or sales will be lost.

Bakery flour shoot
Ceiling Flour Shoot

Romanian Bread Workers
Vasile and Fellow Worker

After treating us to a wonderful Romanian lunch at Rustiq Restaurant, Vasile kindly invited us to see the bakery where he works.

VIDEO--Topping the Bread

This gal is obviously an can just tell by the touch she gives that topping.

Romanian Bread
Romanian Bread

Fresh bread....what can be more comforting or delicious?

Romanian Bread Cooling
Bread Cooling

I don't know how they keep this place so clean....even after baking a few loaves in my own kitchen, I have flour everywhere.

Romanian Bread Dough
Bread Dough

Imagine twisting all that dough into just the right shape.

Romanian Bread Loaves
Bread Loaves

These look so yummy, I just want to break off a piece and start eating.

Bread mixer
Bread mixer

Now that's a mixer!

Romanian bread oven
Bread Oven

This fellow had a great sense of balance and worked fast....I tried to keep out of his way.

Romanian bread
Romanian Bread

Catherine (our hostess in Romania) and Vasile show off some of the day's work.

Boy, these rolls were not only beautiful, they tasted great too!

Mark and Sweet Bread
Mark & Sweet Bread

Enjoy a visit to the Rustiq Restaurant just a stone's throw from the Rustiq Bakery.

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