Revolutionary River Riders

by Kari
(Muscatine, IA)

Rev River Riders & Hosts<BR>Alisa, Sarah, Betsy, Ethan, Mark, Andrew & Sarah

Rev River Riders & Hosts
Alisa, Sarah, Betsy, Ethan, Mark, Andrew & Sarah

Betsy, Alisa and Sarah joined us here at AnderWood farm for a week on their way to New Orleans all the time following the Mississippi River from its beginning in upper Minnesota.

These special girls were all ears when it came to hearing our stories. We were surprised to have someone ask us about our experiences, joys, sorrows, etc.

Being world travelsrs, the "girls" had lots of their own tales to tell too. They've all studied abroad, in Norway, Spain and Mexico and accomplished lots of trips to various points of the globe.

Mark saw to it that they now have some farm experience stories to share, things like, how to clean a barn, how to bring home and stack firewood, and how to paint signs.

The local Muscatine Journal wrote up a nice article about their week with us, plus a photo complete with Rambo, the big male sheep and a set of their handiwork of signs.

Not only can these girls ride a bike, they can cook! We were treated to a pizza and pasta and apple cobbler supper on their last night even washed all the dishes afterwards.

Thanks girls for all the fun, help and interesting conversations. We miss you.

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