Rev River Riders Head Out

Alisa, Betsy, Sarah Getting Ready to Roll

Alisa, Betsy, Sarah Getting Ready to Roll

After a week off their bikes, the Revolutionary River Ricers were ready to roll...or were they? Those bikes were super packed efficiently with mini squished sleeping bags and the like.

It was quite a process to load up and I think you need extra balance when you have heavy bags on your bikes.

We were blessed that Betsy, Sarah and Alisa found us and our farm on the Local Harvest website so they could stop in and give us a hand with so many chores around here, like painting signs, cleaning the barn....wheww, loading wood, etc.

They turned down our offer to give them a pickup ride over the Mississippi River to Illnois so they could get a head start on their day.

Read more about their adventures here.

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