Rev River Riders and TriopoloAndrewOnicus

by Kari
(Muscatine, IA)

Mark, Betsy, Alisa, Bruno, Ethan, Hans, Sarah, Sarah

Mark, Betsy, Alisa, Bruno, Ethan, Hans, Sarah, Sarah

Andrew & Rev River Riders with TriopoloAndrewOnicus

No visit is complete to AnderWood without am evening to pay homage to the TriopolAndrewOnicus in full living color. Traffic came from the interstate wondering if the "War of the Worlds" had really begun after all and this time for real, not just some fictious radio drama.

No....not the War of the Worlds, yet. But if Andrew's imagination and fingers on the sewing machine keep flying....we're in for some event for sure. Let's just hope we'er on the winning side. I wouldn't want to be attacked by any of Andrew's creations!

Sarah, Betsy and Alisa, the Rev River Riders joined us for this fun. Their fear was abated when they saw no pulse or heard no heart beating from this 20 foot glowing monster.

Oh, it was their idea to eat in our patio and even baked us a scrumptous dinner of homemade pizza, pasta and yummy apple crisp. (They even washed!)

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