Remembering Mike Ose on Memorial Weekend 2010

by Diane V.

It's a year June 4 and on this Memorial weekend I can't help but think of the roles Mike played in re-enacting the history of our country and community and the respect he displayed for the people of those times. Mike had various military uniforms and buckskins and all of the accessories to complete the look and he was proud to wear them. People were very interested in his educational speeches and very engrossed in every word of Mike. There was a time when he brought his civil war items and wore his uniform into the Jordan School and conducted living history lessons to the 5th & 6th grade classes.

Cavalry Sargeant

Cavalry Sargeant

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This was some years ago now when my kids were that age and he was allowed to bring in the muzzle loaders as well. All of the kids were interested and asked a lot of questions, hopefully it gave them an appreciation for the past.

I miss Mike's sense of humor and his love for life, and I think of him always. I guess it's important to enjoy our lives everyday and make the most of them. It's the people and the time we spend together that really matter the most.

Remembering You,
Diane V.

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Jun 02, 2010
Thanks for remembering
by: Kari

Thanks for remembering Mike, Diane. He was a great brother. He had a big influence on our kids too and I'm sure that's a main reason why I have military in my family. Mike found what he liked and lived with a passion for it and was always so generous to everyone. I was so surprised at the wake at how many folks had personal "Mike did this for me" stories to tell. I was shocked. Mike was always giving or helping or reaching out to someone. He's a great example for us and is greatly missed!

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