Red Hat Lawn Party

At Adora Ose's red hat lawn party, these ladies in their middle and upper ages continue to enjoy life and each others company at Adora Ose's.

My mother, Adora Ose, who is well into her 80's is determined to have lots of fun with her friends. Here she has invited them to her home near Echo, Minnesota for a lawn party.

Mom made a grand entry with her musical keyboard playing loudly. The gals say she's the life of the party and I believe it.

Mike and Susie, my brother and his wife, who also live on the farm, worked very hard getting everything just right for this fun day. The place has never looked so good, which, of course, was necessary because before the coffee and roll refreshments there was a grand tour of mom's lovely home, upholstery shop, and extensive flower gardens.

I was able to help serve coffee and provided a goody bag of gifts for each lady. What a fun time!

Mom broke her hip shortly after this exciting day. I'm just glad it didn't happen before so she could go "on with the show" as planned.

I, Kari, along with my brothers, Mike and Duane and sister, Diane, were fortunate to grow up on this absolutely beautiful farm. It had belonged to my grandfather and mother, Knute and Hannah Ose. My dad, Clarence Ose, the youngest of seven children, purchased the farm before he and mom were married. I'm so glad he did. It was a super special place to call home.

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