Adora's Red Hat Party

A Red Hat Party at Adora Ose's Farm, August, 2008.

Adora Ose -- "The Cat in the Hat"

My mom, Adora Ose, just had lots of fun hosting her red hat friends from Belview, Minnesota for a lawn party on her farm near Echo, Minnesota.

Adora Ose Farm

Wow...this is a happy bunch. That was evident as soon as they stepped out of their cars....laughter, smiles and all around good vibes.

Adora's Party --Red Hats

My brother, Mike and his wife, Susie, worked very hard along with mom, getting ready for a grand tour of her flower gardens, upholstery shop and home. The place has never looked so good.

Adora Ose's Red Hat Party

Several ladies told me that mom is the "life of party" at their red hat meetings....she's that way, full of fun and crazy ideas. For this party she made a grand entrance out of her home dancing down onto the lawn in her "Cat in the Hat" hat and carrying a loud, lively musical piano.

Adora's Red Hat Lawn Party

Susie and I followed (in red hats, naturally) with the yummy rolls. The coffee was already on the picnic tables. Boy, can these gals drink coffee!

Adora's Red Hat Lawn Party

Susie and I both wore red shirts....we weren't too up on the proper red hat attire, apparently it's purple clothing with red hats to top of the outfit....we'll know better next time.

We missed my sister, Diane, who had other engagements for the time, Diane.

Belview Red Hatter at Adora Ose's Farm

They loved seeing Mike's horse and mules but we forgot to show them mom's prize twin golden cats....her prides and joys.

Red Hats at Adora's

We treated them all to bag of an assortment of goodies to enjoy.

Red Hat Lawn Party at Adora's

Mom left Susie and to manage the giant coffee pot in the kitchen. Susie was an excellent egg coffee maker....she's had lots of practice. It's a good thing, I've never made coffee in such quantities.

Red Hats Party at Adora's

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