Princess Sarah & Cadet John

Sarah & John Anderson

Sarah & John Anderson

Sarah and John all spruced up for ROTC banquet where John was honored in Iowa City. Sarah has spent the last 6 weeks volunteering on a Boy's Farm in Colombia, changing the world, one onion and one hug at a time. Now it was her turn to be beautiful and pampered at a banquet.

Sarah Colombia Working in Garden
Sarah in Colombia Working in Garden

Sarah in Colombia with Boys
Sarah in Colombia Working with Boys

Sarah Colombia Working in Garden
Sarah in Colombia Working in Garden

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Thanks so much!!!
by: Johan

Thank you Sarah for all the help and the support that you gave to my home town Medellin and the people there that really need it. I was born and raised in Medellin but currently living in Charlotte NC and I feel very proud of people like you.

My email and Facebook is

Thanks so much!

Hi Sarah
by: Andrew

Sarah, Nice to see these photos - I guess I missed them before. You look very happy working in the dirt! I'm glad you could go and do all that you did in Columbia this summer.

Sarah The Gardner
by: Grandma Ose

Dear Sarah,
How does your garden grow? You look perfect in the garden. You look beautiful in the picture of you and John.
Love You,
Grandma Ose

Impressive Picture
by: Diane V.

Hi Sarah,
You look just simply ravishing my dear, in your beautiful red gown and with your handsome man in uniform. Also,I am proud of you too and all the hard work you have put into your work in Columbia.It's a good learning experience.
Diane V.

Proud of you both
by: Mom

John & Sarah...we're so happy that you both are enjoying life and helping others and doing well at whatever your hands find to do. Keep up the great work guys!

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