Michael Primas Family
Czech Republic

The Primas family and I, Kari, got acquainted when I met Michael Primas while waiting in line at the airport in Amsterdam.

I'd spent the night at the airport, sleeping in one of those great "sleeping" chairs they so nicely provide in some spots of the terminal. It was much better than trying to find a place downtown for the night.

As I was preparing for my day I sensed the Holy Spirit speak this to me, "I want to give you gold, silver and precious gems. Be open."

Wow....I was impressed and excited about that word and while standing in line to buy a bite to eat before getting on the plane, I remembered this, so turned around, determining to say hello to whoever was behind me. It was Michael. He was working as a jewelry designer at that moment. Ummmm, I thought, very interesting.

We kept in touch and shortly afterward, while he and his wife were in Los Angeles, I too, needed to go there to help my cousins go through my deceased Aunt Hilma's belongings.

I was able to meet up with Michael and Vera for an afternoon and they surprised me by giving me a wonderful and gorgeous sterling silver ring they had designed that was set with a moldavite stone. It's a gem that is made after a meteorite has fallen to the earth...a lovely soft green stone.

Sarah and I visited them and their five children: Hedvika, Esther, Rachal, Benjamin and Aaron, (and now they have a 6th child) when they lived in Prague. They took us many places and even to a Czech opera called, "La Boheme"....so much fun.

Czech Republic Newspaper
Hedvika, Sarah, Esther and Rachal with Czech Republic Newspaper

Here they share some of their many talents.

Art work by the Primas children

Poem, "We Travel Through the Universe"

Primas page

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