Photos of the Louvre Museum

I wasn't feeling well, but here are some photos of the Louvre Museum.

I will never forget my first encounter with the Louvre...but that time I took no photos of the Louvre Museum. Andrew and I were mooseying around Paris at night...what fun...a mom and her teenage son...exploring this great city after dark together. Suddenly we saw a big impressive sign across the street and inquisitive person that I am asked, "What's that?"

Through the Louvre Pyramid
Through the Louvre Pyramid

Of course, Andrew didn't know either so we crossed the street and in bold letters it said simply, "THE LOUVRE". (I think I've finally learned how to spell that...)

I had heard about this world famous museum, but never dreamed I'd casually be passing by it one dark night in Paris with Andrew.

Water fountain at Louvre
Water Fountain at Louvre

I was not feeling well on this trip to Paris, and my time was limited to top that I drug myself around seeing the bare minimum of things I wanted to see, without enough energy left over to look up friends.

But....I did make it to the Louvre and enjoyed taking photos of the Louvre Museum, and the Mikimoto Pearl Shop wishing I had not decided to tote my heavy lap top with me. Fortunately, I found a low price hotel not far away so it wasn't a long walk.

Louvre Van
Louvre Van

The longest walk was through the Louvre! That place is immense! And super easy to get lost in...uff da...what a museum.

Louvre Details
Louvre Details

I managed to take a few photos of the Louvre Museum, although I probably looked like I would keel over any minute. Oh, by the can drink bottled water while browsing this gargantuan place, but not coke or any soda. This makes sense, it is much stickier if spilled, right?

But avoid yourself the embarrassment of having one of the museum guards correcting you (in French and hand gestures) and only drink water while musing this place. And DO take some may get thirsty in this complex maze of antiquities.

Through a window at the Louvre
Through a Window at the Louvre

Everything is in French. Hey...they've got to preserve their language somehow, right? So brush up on your French if you really want to know exactly what you're looking at.

Beauty in the Louvre
Beauty in the Louvre

Of course, there are the generic/universal signs like a camera with a big red line going through it....the only problem with those is, sometimes one (I) can miss these huge signs if a crowd is in front of it, so tread lightly when wanting to photograph special displays like Empress Eugenia's Pearl I tried to do...but was quickly "yelled at" a nervous female guard.

Hey now, my French is pretty limited...but I got the message!

Peeking through Louvre pyramid
Peeking Through Louvre Pyramid

The reason these ladies were a bundle of nerves in this French Room filled with French crown jewels that day is because of a nasty tourist who insisted on sneaking photos of the Louvre Museum against the rules.

Lamp Posts at Louvre
Lamp Posts at Louvre

As I was leaving this treasure filled room and heard the loud voices and saw the sneaky fellow myself peeking out behind wrought iron doors to get forbidden photos...I finally understood the situation.

Winged Beauty by Window in Louvre
Winged Beauty by Window in Louvre

Sorry folks...I did not mean to add to your pressure. I honestly didn't see the "photos forbidden" signage at the door.

I could have clubbed the nasty sneak for you...but then you would have had two maniac tourists on your hands!

Louvre Panorama
Louvre Panorama

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