Paul Bunyan & the Lumber Jack

Duane, Diane, Kari & Mike were surprised when Paul Bunyan knew their names! Read about their father's lumberjack days in this letter to Mighty Matt.

Giant Statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox Guard, Trees of Mystery, Klamath, California, USA
Giant Statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox Guard, Trees of Mystery, Klamath, California, USA

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Frazier, David R.
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My Dearest Mighty Matt,

After reading the story about you and how 35W was created I felt overwhelming enlightened and so compelled to tell you a true story, indeed. Once upon a time long ago when your mother, myself, and your two uncles were very young we lived on a farm with our father and mother, of which were all very normal size, just outside of a small town named Echo in MN. And the town itself was so small that you could just barely hear an echo when you went through it.

Well, what brings me to write this is your friendship that you had with Bunyan, Babe, and all their friends. As we know Mr. Bunyan was a mighty lumberjack and Babe was stronger than you can imagine and they worked together in the forests up north. The part that I feel so compelled to tell you is that your Grandpa Ose was a lumberjack too and he worked in the forests in Washington state. He was in his 20 some years and was an adventurer like you and was making a living.

Your Grandpa and all the other lumberjacks stayed together in the lumberjack camps in Washington and they would have to rise and shine early in the morning and get ready early for work. Your Grandpa would tell me about the terrific breakfasts that the cook would make for them every morning. They had pancakes, eggs, bacon, potatoes, toast, and lots and lots of coffee, I guess that’s where "lumberjack breakfast" got it’s name.

Paul Bunyan and Babe, the Blue Ox, Minnesota
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Well, as time went on your Grandpa came home and settled down and married your Grandma and they lived on the family farm just outside of Echo. All of us kids eventually came along and our Dad, your Grandpa would tell us about Bunyan and Babe the Blue ox and how powerful Babe was. This was especially a nice story to tell and close to your Grandpa’s heart because he was also a lumberjack once.

So one day a long time ago when all of us kids were little, our Father & Mother decided they would take us to see Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox way up north in Brainerd, MN. Since we had heard so much about him we were anxious to go and see him, so we got all ready and packed up some sandwiches to eat on the way.

When we finally arrived at his place it looked very big and it had a large door that you could enter. We just wondered what we were going to see. Well anyway we walked into the courtyard and saw Paul and Babe and we were just in awe of him. Wouldn’t you know it, Paul said hello to all of us and called us by our own names. He said "Hello Duane, Diane, Kari, & Michael and how are you today?" Ohhhhhh! We just got the chills and couldn’t believe how he knew our names.

So we decided that Paul Bunyan and Babe were not only of larger size but smart too. Smart just like yourself Mighty Matt and smart like your grandparents too, don’t you think? So I think that was really nice when you, Mighty Matt, had Bunyan, and Babe out to Grandma Ose’s farm when you went rollerblading through MN on 35W.

Well, Mighty Matt, that is another part of the story of where your friendship with Paul Bunyan may have started from. And that is the end of my true story with a "little twist".

And here's another twist...Paul Bunyan's Walleye catch on display at Garrison, MN.

Paul Bunyan Walleye
Paul Bunyan's Walleye Catch

Paul Bunyan and Babe caught the fish and after 3 days when it finally tired out Paul wrapped the line around Babes horns and Babe pulled in out of the bottom of Lake Milacs.

Diane V. 6/27/09

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