Ohare Airport Art

Ohare airport art refreshes the soul and creates whimsical ideas that float through one's mind.

Chicago airport art
Chicago Airport Art

I think the time for airport art has come and it's a welcome coming. In our local international airport only twenty minutes from our farm there are nice display cases which contain rotating art displays of local talent. And talent there is! Painting, sculpture, collage....almost every art form has been displayed there.

These colorful glass or plastic pieces were hanging overhead at the O'hare airport in Chicago. They were wonderful! They made it seem like, "Hey, I could do that!" I love art like that. Stuff that is doable, yet fantastic. If I recall correctly, these were done by a local art class in Chicago.

It helps the marathon walks through airports to be entertained with tasteful art displays.

I also enjoyed the art in the Tokyo airport too. The brilliant, gigantic mosaic is awesome.

Creating airport art would be a wonderful job.

I also enjoy interesting shops. Maybe someday I'll have KariPearls pearl shops in airports. Since I've spent my share of time in airports it is natural for me to have that dream. Maybe someday.

See where else I've been in this world when I sometimes have the chance to observe Ohare airport art.
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