Norwegian Wetsuit

Norwegian Wetsuit

Norwegian Wetsuit

I think I'm going to do more joking about things I desire. It's amazing how my joked about wishes often appear before my very eyes!

Like this Norwegian wetsuit from Sarah! I'm always telling my kids that "If only I had a wetsuit, then I could swim so much earlier and so much later every season."

One of my favorite summer pastimes is swimming in our large pond (small lake?). I love it so much and try to get out there every day, weather permitting.

Sarah surprised me this Christmas with the amazing Norwegian wetsuit. She bought it in Norway when she was working on our cousin, Ragnar Aarflot's farm in Volda, as part of her agricultural studies with MCC (Muscatine Community College).

Sarah was grocery shopping one day in Norway with Ragnar's wife, Anneberit, and there on the floor in a cardboard box was a new shipment of wetsuits. Sarah quickly sized them up on Anneberit guessing she was about my size and bought one for me.

Wetsuits are used widely in Norway for swimming because of the cold fjords.

I feel so blessed! Not only that I now can swim for longer periods each year, but that Sarah took her own hard-earned money and bought an expensive gift for me.

Thank you sweetie, Sarah!

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