Norwegian Costumes -- Traditional

Traditional and colorful Norwegian costumes are a sight to behold!

Traditional Norwegian Costumes
Simonnes Family in Traditional Norway Clothing
Asbjorn, Gunhild, Astrid, Silje, Kristine, Torbjorn, Ingertove, Simmone

We Andersons met the Simonnes family through a mutual friend from Minneapolis. What was very interesting was that the Simonnes live just "down the street" from some of Kari's cousins in Volda. There's only a cemetery between the two places. Now, how often does something like that happen?

Kari's grandfather, Knute Ose, grew up in Ose, near Volda and immigrated to the USA when he was 18 years old. Most of his siblings stayed in the area and multiplied quite nicely, making the city of Volda, Norway jammed packed with not too distant relatives.

And now we are acquainted not just with cousins but are also good friends with the Simonnes family as well. We have many things in common with this family as they have lots of kids too.

Their traditional Norwegian outfits are so wonderful! And they are costly as well, but worth every penny to be sure.

Our family loves it when they visit us here in Iowa. Even Asbjorn took a jump off the rope swing over our pond...but I hear he is paying dearly, even months later, for his daring jump.

Great going Ingertove & Asbjorn on your lovely family!

Simonnes visit Andersons without Norwegian costumes.
Sarah on mountain top in Norway
Sarah milking goats in Norway
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