Newspaper of Azerbaijan
Several Choices

Newspaper of Azerbaijan is a great way to get a "feel" for the country. Browse these many links to find out current news, history, and even view photos of ordinary folks from Baku.

Azerbaijan flagAzeri Times Online newspaper

Baku Sun Regional, National, International Online Newspaper

CBN Extra Your window on Baku with great photosm

Maiden Tower Baku Azerbaijan
Maiden Tower Baku, Azerbaijan Photo: Kari

ANS news in English. ANS in Azerbaijan is like the CNN in the USA.

My friend Ayur worked for ANS news and I was privileged to join her for a birthday party at ANS TV station.

Azerbaijan TV stuck me as funny....because so much of it was in Spanish....Mexican soap operas. I would sometime "pinch" myself to remind me that I was in Azerbaijan....not Mexico or South America.

Radio Free Europe News Read unusual news here.

Azerbaijan News nicely chronicled and easy to access. For history buffs there's an informative history section. Being close to the fertile crescent and also to Mt. Ararat, where Noah landed and from where the earth re-populated once again....makes Azerbaijan an archaeologist's dream. How about historical maps, documents? This is a great resource for them.

Today.AZ Nicely chronicled news.

Azerbaijan Today National & International news

Azerbaijan International They claim to be the biggest website about Azerbaijan.

The Economist Country Briefings for Azerbaijan

APA Azeri Press Agently

Trend News Agency Current event reports

Solo Build It!

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