New Koyo Hotel in Tokyo Saves You Yen

The New Koyo Hotel in Tokyo offers a genuine Japanese experience....a mat to sleep on....skip the normal bed...sleep like a traditional Japanese.

New Koyo Room
Traditional Japanese Room

This hotel, which is really more like a hostel, is also one of the least expensive hotels in Tokyo and is near the Ueno station which will get you connected to any other place in why not give it a try?

New Koyo Hotel

I've stayed there twice now and will choose it again next time I decide to either stop-over or go to Tokyo....not that I sleep that well on a mat but mainly because I like saving money. A single room can be had for under $30 (credit cards accepted) with a shared bath and shower...but hey, that's not a problem for a short stay....after all don't we share our bathrooms at home?

New Koyo Sinks
Shared Sinks

There are also Western style rooms available.

New Koyo Kitchenette
Mark Checking out Kitchenette

The Japanese TV is limited to Japanese language, except for an occasional English program....but somethings don't need words. I videoed some of the TV which you can check out....pretty funny in any language.

New Koyo Hotel Room
Hotel Room

Internet is available for about 10ยข/minute....not bad if you desperately need to send or receive emails....however, coming from the Philippines where it cost $1.00 for a day in our hotel lobby, it did seem high by comparison.

New Koyo Hall

One of the things I really liked about the New Koyo is the constant supply of free hot green tea. In this nifty machine, there was always hot and cold water and hot green tea available...yipee....except for the fact I was ignorant that green tea has you know what happened to me after drinking a large glass before bed. Yup....sleeplessness, but that's life, right?

New Koyo Hot Tea
Hot Green Tea

Hotel in  Tokyo
You can make reservations for the New Koyo Hotel at the Narita International Airport Terminal...just hunt up the tourist information desk.

No big luxurious lobby here, or anything, but it's a nifty place to share travel stories and meet interesting travelers.

2-26-13 Nihonzuisumi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0021



10 minute walk from Minamisenju station (both JR line and Hibiya subway line) 10 minute walk from Minowa station (Hibiya subway Line).

New Koyo Tokyo

I'm not getting paid for this page. I just enjoy recommending great places where I have enjoyed staying.

New Koyo Room

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