My Brother Mike Ose

by Duane
(Fairbanks, Alaska)

Mike made a lot of raccoon hats. He gave me one and I have it in my ceder chest, here along with a buck skin old style fringed jacket he gave me.

There's a story on one of his hats. One day I stopped the pick up and shot a prize sized raccoon, just for Mike.

Mike showed the new hat off one day at a gathering of badges from everywhere. Even the Game Warden was there, our good friend, John. Mike passed the newly made hat around. John,he Game Warden, stood up and looked Mike right square in the eyes. Saying, "Nicely done," and handed the raccoon hat to my brother.

You see, this was done in April, the season is in October. The eye exchange said it all. No one was the wiser.

I still Love you Mike,

Your Brother Duane

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Jun 13, 2009
Lucky you
by: Kari

Wow, Duane, you are lucky to have both a coon skin cap and buckskin jacket from Mike. He really loved you. I guess that's proof.

I remember coon hunting one night with you....a long, long time ago.

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