Muscatine Iowa Shhhhh, Don't Tell!

The community of Muscatine Iowa.... one of those "best kept secrets"...shhhhh....

Welcome to Muscatine
Welcome to Muscatine Iowa

We kind of like it that know, a nice, quiet group of fantastic people huddled next to the mighty Mississippi enjoying all sorts of treasures at its doorstep.

Who would ever guess in this pastoral river setting...that we are only minutes away from an international airport, the QuadCities Airport at Moline, Illinois, and one hour from the Eastern Iowa Airport at Cedar Rapids, or minutes away from the

University of Iowa in Iowa City, but one doesn't even need to leave the city limits to benefit from a wonderful community college, MCC, Muscatine Community College. Your children can accomplish major college requirements right here without expensive tuition fees and out-of-home living expenses.

Like golf? Guess what? You have your pick of three extensive greens here in Muscatine. Aspen Villas is literally across the road from Whispering Pines Golf Course, only four miles from the Municipal Golf Course, and just around the corner from the Geneva Country Club Golf Course. We're lucky here....lots of mown grass to hit a ball around on. Did you know that in Korea they practice golfing in big green net cages?

Muscatine Golfers
Muscatine Golfers

Maybe shopping is "your thing"....Great! You don't need to go far! Our Muscatine Iowa Mall is being revamped and hosts great shops for clothing, sports, gift, books, building supplies, food and a theater. Various mini-malls around town also offer all sorts of needs and those little extras that make life full.

Muscatine Downtown
Muscatine Downtown
And, of course, an old river town like Muscatine Iowa is sure to have a great downtown area spilling over with historic'll find yourself going back often to explore the fun shops and places to eat here. You can also take a long stroll or bike ride by the Mississippi River, or enjoy a night time walk along the river path in Muscatine, Iowa, "Pearl of the Mississippi" lighted by a string of pearl lights.

On the west edge of town there are large chain stores that provide plenty of shopping adventures. And southern Muscatine Iowa has bowling and specialty shops. galore is available in'll find what you need and enjoy the search.

Grocery stores conveniently located around the city ensure that you never need to travel far to get a loaf of bread or some fresh fruit.

Three local banks provide security for financial needs: Muscatine Community Bank, First National Bank and Central State Bank. Several branches for these Muscatine banks are located throughout the city.

You're sure to find a church of your choice in the Muscatine community among the fine list available. The spirit of fellowship among believers in Muscatine is deep-seated and strong.

Muscatine boasts of quality schools, with several elementary schools spread throughout the city, two middle schools and one large, new high school and Muscatine Community College. Also nearby, south of Muscatine is the Louisa-Muscatine K-12 school located in the countryside.

Now don't forget museums and fine won't be deprived in the Muscatine Community. The Pearl Button Museum and the Muscatine Art Center and Museum ...two quality centers you'll be proudly show to your out-of-town guests.

Plus, you don't need to travel out of town to enjoy a symphony orchestra...there's one right here in Muscatine.

In October, 2007, Muscatine actors presented, Muscatine! The Musical, which was written by Peter Press, the former director of Musser Public Library just for Muscatine Iowa.

Muscatine Public Library
Muscatine Musser Public Library

It's easy to find your way to and around's a map.

Read local, national, and international news in the Muscatine Journal. Did you know that Mark Twain once helped with the Muscatine Journal?


Get facts and figures about greater Muscatine county here.

In this Wikipedia article you can get a nice overview of Muscatine.

Did you know that Muscatine Iowa is famous for melons ?

Want to learn about our city's parks and other city services?

Muscatine Golfing

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