John Anderson Combats Map Illiteracy at Muscatine Community College

Muscatine Community College is combating geographical illiteracy.

One student's quest to place world maps around campus

by Dane Nealson (Calumet Staff Writer) Reprinted with permission.

John's shower curtain map at his home.

Ever been in a situation where you've just met a girl you're interested in, and she happens to be from Zimbabwe?

John Anderson hasn't, but he's got an idea to combat the circumstance should it ever occur.

Anderson, who serves as vice president fro the Student Senate at MCC, has spent the last few months working on ways to get world maps in frequently used places.

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The main principle behind this project, according to Anderson, is to "combat the rampant geographical illiteracy of my peers and teachers at Muscatine Community College."

Anderson's original goal was to have small maps of individual countries from around the world placed in each bathroom stall around campus next to the Porcelain Press. However, the administration decided against it, because they didn't want to clutter the bathroom stalls. They did, however, recommend the placement of maps in classrooms.

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As it turns out, the idea worked out even better for Anderson's goal.

"In just about every class I've had, instructors have had one of those 'If only I had a map' moments, looking around the room for a map to show students," said Anderson. "This will make a lot of difference."

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According to Anderson, there are more than 50 classrooms on the Muscatine Community College campus. He has found world maps for about $4 apiece. He has applied for a Muscatine Community College Alumni Association Grant to cover the cost of the maps, in hopes that it will allow for maps to be in all rooms instead of just select rooms.

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Student Senate Adviser John Dabeet is impressed with Anderson's work and likes the idea of maps in a Muscatine Community College classroom.

"I am in 100 percent support of the project, especially because it matches the objectives and goals of the EICCD Diversity Group," said Dabeet.

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Part of the objective of the group is to encourage diversity and international awareness. The maps, according to Dabeet, fit right in with what the district has in mind.

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Dabeet said students might start looking around the room and see the maps and start examining them closer.

"The whole experince will be educational," said Dabeet.

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"Besides," Anderson siad, "You never know when you're going to meet a girl from Harare."

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Go to John's main page after reading about his map project for the Muscatine Community College.

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