Mother's Memories

by Adora Ose
(Echo, Minnesota)

One day when he was little, we couldn't find Michael, so we yelled and yelled and searched everwhere on the farm, even through the corn fields and couldn't find him. All the time he was sitting in the bathroom hearing us call for him.

Mike went to town one day with his dad and they met the man in the restaurant who picked up eggs and cream on the farm and he gave Mike a nickel for an icecream cone and Michael swallowed the nickle.

So for days we searched for days checking for the nickel to come out.

One day, "I think it's coming today, Mama!" And sure enought it did. Happy day.

One summer Mike made trails in the grove behind the house and stuffed old clothes to make dummies and hung vacuum cleaner hoses up for fake snakes. It was supposed to be a scary forest walk and he enjoyed taking friends on his scary tour.

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Jun 08, 2009
Good Memories
by: Dad's LittleJessica

Dad loved sharing storie's with all of us not always shure what was fact or a "little bit of fiction".These are a few I never herd. Thank you so much Grandma uncle Duane and Aunt Kari.Dad truley loves us all and now he and Grandpa are enjoying eachother. Feel comfort in that. love,love,love you....Dads Little Jessica

Jun 07, 2009
I was there too
by: Kari

I was there too, not when the nickel came out but when it went in. I was with Dad and Mike that day and I also got a nickel. I remember feeling a little guilty that I still had mine and Mike had swallowed his.

Jun 07, 2009
by: Duane

That nickel turned black, if I remember right, but it still was a nickel. It was a potty chair with a metal bowel and when the nickel hit it sounded clink ! I was there.

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