Mike Ose, my Brother

by Duane
(Center of Alaska)

Okay my daughter, you asked for more memories.

Something few probably knew.

Mike shot his foot, a long time ago, maybe before he was hired by Redwood Falls. He asked me not to tell anyone as specially our Mother. He kepted his boots on as the bleeding was bad. He could feel his boot filling with blood.

This happened up north of the Minnesota River and about 10 miles from Granite. He broke the speed record driving the river road to the emergency entrance and felt faint. He made it just in time and Doc Carter was quick on it.

"You saved My life Doc!"

"No Mike, You did, by getting here post haste."

It did not have to be reported because it was not a gun shot wound, but an arrow. Seems Mike was hunting deer, and a big ol raccoon was walking across a open field. That got his attention, with bow and arrow in hand Mike set out on the run after it. It was a circus around and around they went, Mike with his bow fully drawn was running it down and just as the raccoon passed between his legs. Mike let the arrow loose.

Mind you this arrow point was a broad head with a razor blade in that as well. The arrow passed through his foot and sole of the boot. The arrow shaft was wood. He broke that off and hobbled hurriedly to his truck and carefully had to use his foot to drive, speeding off to Granite Falls.

Mike lived to fight another day that day.

Don't think, Mother ever found out about that.

Love You Brother

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Jun 10, 2009
Mom found out eventually
by: Kari

Mom found out about Mike shooting his foot, but not until this last year when she had a check up with Dr. Carter. He told her about Mike's foot and how his boot was filled with blood. I was with her at that appointment.

She said, "Oh, I didn't know about that."

She took the news calmly....it's a good thing it was long "after the fact."

Wish I had a video of Mike trying to shoot the coon with a bow and arrow and the coon running between his legs. Sounds like a Don Knotts comedy scene.

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