MCRD San Diego Marine Training Center

MCRD San Diego is the center for training recruits that live west of the Mississippi. Sam and Matt made it by about 10 miles, although there must be exceptions because at least one recruit grew up in Illinois.

MCRD San Diego
Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, California Photo by Kari

This amazingly well kept facility churns out newly trained Marines weekly. It's the dream of many a young lad to someday attend this training school and two of our sons have attended there.

We love hearing all the stories of being constantly yelled at, trained to keep things neat, learning attention to details, running until you can run no more but still keep on running...that's endurance, folks, and all sorts of interesting tales of marine recruit life.

I, Mom (Kari) was sitting eating a hot dog with Mark, Sam and Matt on family day before the next day's graduation and looked up at the sky, building and palm trees in the photo above. Even then it looked like a painting. It still looks like a painting to me. I love the contrasting colors and have always loved yellow and blue together. My dining room table cloth that I have on right now is blue and those complimentary colors together.

MCRD San Diego has its buildings on the Historic Book of Register. Any building on that has always been impressive. The grounds are naturally keep immaculate.

Thanks, Sam and Matt, for being willing to serve our country. It's a country's necessity that would only get noticed by some if you guys weren't doing your job. Then there would be very few code pink people advertising their agenda.

Enjoy more about spots in the USA.

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