Trips by Globe-Hopper
Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson sees facets of the world that others miss. Want to get the inside his pages.

Living close to the Mississippi River gives him a chance to canoe, camp and swim there just like in the Mark Twain novels. Five day camping excursions have become the norm for him and his friends...rain, hail, snow or sleet...they love it!

Ummmmm, maybe he'll write about those too, after all, one doesn't need to cross the ocean to have a globe-hopping experience.

But you'll enjoy his insights on Turkey where he's travelled extensively, and his adventure in China, Japan and Korea.

Boy, he's a natural at chopsticks and sitting on the floor. He even mastered "hairy crab" quickly and every other thing that was placed before him. Asian folks were impressed that, "He eats everything!"

He can also keep up a lively conversation while trying new things...most of us need to concentrate on the utensils, food combinations and sitting positions. Not Matt, he's a natural quick thinker and did the talking for us.


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