Making Money In Europe

Almost every where I have been in Europe there have been people making money in the streets, subways, bus stops, and every other odd place.

If they know how to play an instrument, they play that and hope to get enough change to buy a sandwich that night. If they don't....I guess they just sit there and look sad and famished.

Euros Drying on a Clothesline
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I would like to try this for awhile. Not for too long but for about a week. I think I would go and try making money when it was warm, and sunny, but I don't know if it's ever sunny in London. That's where I would go, London.

We had a guy a few years ago in our town that was known as, "the town bum". His name was Jeff Murdock and every winter he did something bad and went to jail for a few months through the winter. Pretty smart eh? He was really good at drawing and I guess he had really high grades in college.

I remember one time we offered to buy him a hamburger at McDonalds and he said, "Naa...I get enough of that junk from the dumpsters!"

He died about 3 years ago. I think he had some heart trouble or something. The story was that he finally got enough money to go east to be with his dad, but came back a few months after he left because he wasn't healthy. He died a few months after he came home.

I wanted to go to his funeral, but I forgot when it was. I friend of mine went tho. He said there were a lot of people where there.

I miss Jeff. I liked telling people about "the town bum" but now he's gone. I will never forget him tho, I don't think this town will either. Read other pages Sarah has writen after reading making money in Europe

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