Lady and Romanian Friends

Meet Lady, a lovely black Romanian poodle, her owners, Daniel and Paula, and friends Christian and Alexandra.

Christopher, Daniel, Paula, Alexandra
Christopher, Daniel, Paula, Alexandra

I just met these delightful children during a walk in Targu Mures, Romania.

I was on one of my photographic walks where I take photos of anything and everything that strikes my fancy. (I love digital cameras. I never have to worry about wasting film.)

Daniel and Christopher said I could take their photo and then I took a video, which they really enjoyed watching afterward. We chatted about basics, like ages, they're each 14, school, you know...all the nitty gritty stuff and I also asked them if they've given their life to Jesus. They said, "Yes, we love Jesus."

I encouraged them that loving Jesus is the most important thing they could ever do in their whole life. I hope they always love and follow Jesus!

Their English was great! They only need lots of practice.

Kari and Lady
Kari and Lady

After I said good bye and was on my way, photographing almost every flower I could spot, they came running after me calling, "Miss Kari! Miss Kari!"

And along with them were Daniel's sister, Laura, and their cousin, Alexandra, each age 10. So I videoed taped them as we chatting.

I "learned" how to count to ten in Romanian. Well, it was a start, anyway, don't ask me to repeat them all, but I do remember, uno, or one. That one was easy.

Thank you Daniel, Christopher, Paula and Alexandra for being kind to an American stranger. I hope to see you again someday.

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