Kari & the Weed Eater

(Muscatine, Iowa)

Kari & the Weed Eater

Kari & the Weed Eater

Now that mom and dad aren't swamped with wonderful children clambering to keep the lawns mowed and weeds whipped, mom has taken it upon herself to set aside one day per week for making this place look like a "Martha Stewart" dream farm...well, sort of, anyway.

One of mom's first projects was to look for a weed eater to purchase. Dad dragged his feet at helping her choose the right one, so when she, in desperation set out on her own one day to find one...realized they were all sold out, at least at Menards and Farm & Fleet only had a small one, she wasn't too happy. WalMart remained her only choice (at least on this end of town) so she choose the only remaining one there and it was perfect....well, almost. It was rechargable, light, powerful and promised to do the job with ease and accuracy. Except for one problem....it didn't hold a re-charge. She was pretty upset about this and kept trying...after all, there were no others available before next season and she was determined to get this place in shape.

Mom is like that, willing to give things second and third and fourth chances...boy, are we lucky kids!

So, after 1/2 of her weeds got trimmed, the others will have to wait until the stores fill up once again in the spring with powerful weed eaters that actually work.

Thankfully, Walmart does have a generous return policy.

She will not however, need to weed whip the grass roof.

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by: Diane v

Determined to take those weeds down. HUHRA!

Mom vs. the weeds
by: Ethan and Sarah

The lawn looks very nice.

Sarah and Ethan

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