Trips by Globe-Hopper
John Anderson

John Anderson was determined to go to Australia when he was only 10 years old.

We weren't sure how this could happen, but he persisted and he and Mom spent a month there sooner than expected.

So what's this guy like?


Distinguished Military Graduate of the University of Iowa

Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan)

Chairman of the Anderwood Art Association

Amatuer Geographer

Worldwide traveller (current goal: every country in Europe)

Enjoys Oreo cookies (with milk)

Actually writes REAL letters

Can kick a 37-yard field goal

Anderwood Accolades:

- Co-Creator of the Anderwood 9-Hole golf course
- Best Supporting Actor, PlainesFest (Boys Leave the Bunker)

Oaxaca, Mexico
El Salvador
Sonsonate Metro Centre
San Salvador Highway
Pupusa Recipe
United States
The Art of Walking Around
John Combats Geographical Illiteracy at MCC
College Republicans
The Hunt for Red November
2008 March for Life
Iowa Primaries 2008
Planet Earth
Planet Earth for Non-Earthlings

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