Japanese TV

Japanese TV -- this was a fun segment to catch on the TV in my little Japanese style hotel room in Tokyo.

New Koyo Hotel Room
Hotel Room photo by Kari

It was hard to find something really interesting that we could understand. There were only about 6 channels to choose from and those were all for native speakers, except for short segments of English topics....but this was funny, in any language.

6 Minutes & 9 Seconds of Laughs

I recorded it with our new Cannon Powershot 1000, which our son, Andrew helped us pick out. It's been super and with a 2 gig memory card I could take lots of video and photos too, then upload to my laptop and was ready to go the next day for lots more shots of this and that.

If in Tokyo and wanting to not only save money but have a genuine Japanese experience I recommend the New Koyo Hotel.

It's not every day one can sleep on a mat on a bamboo mat in a tiny room and drink all the free green tea you can handle....but don't forget that green tea does have caffeine. I forgot, drank tons and couldn't sleep well and I can't blame the mat or pillow either.

So, enjoy this TV in Japan. Be prepared to laugh.

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