Looking for a Climbing Harness -- Iowa City Fun

Iowa City fun...Yesterday Anna took me to Iowa City to go buy a climbing harness.

After driving around for about 7 minutes we found a nice place to park right across the street from Active Endeavors.

We walked up to the top level where they have all the climbing stuff only to find out that there was no one up there that could help us. So we walked all the way back down the 2 flights of stairs to the front desk where a pretty girl about 20 asked us if we needed any assistance.

Woman Rock Climbing, Joshua Tree National Park, CA
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When we had walked back up to the top level she said that they where kind of low on harnesses right now but they where going to get some in next week. But they had one that fit me anyway. She took it out of the bag and when I saw it my interest level dropped a considerable amount, it was purple.

I tried it on even though I was praying that I wouldn't have to buy it. It fit fine, it felt fine, it WAS fine, but it was stillpurple.

If I'm going to spend that much money on something I should get what I want.

We went to Fin and Feather. As we walked in a nice looking guy also about 20 asked us if we needed any help, "We want to look at climbing harnesses," Anna said.

I tried one on and really liked it. Maybe I could buy it! I tried another one and liked that one too, but not as much. I asked how much the first one was, "This one's $70." "Ohh my!!" I thought, "And how much it this one?" I asked as I pointed to the olive colored one, "$45." he said.

Next we looked at belay devices and carabiners.

I spent a total of $78.57, and came home with an olive colored harness, a belay device, and a carabiner.

Iowa City fun ....shopping for climbing equipment.

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