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Decorate your home with international gifts via Globe-Hoppers...Cover your walls with international flavor and think internationally...why be normal?

We nine Andersons often find ourselves sitting around our cozy wood fire stove, which heats our whole large home, amid international treasures that we've picked up on our travels...

Treasures such as a gorgeous Iranian (Persian) carpet on the wall, next to an English tapestry rug, next to a Norwegian needle pointed maiden, which is over a colorful Swedish print of playful children...

You get the idea...German lace curtains, Italian curtains, an antique Swiss bread board, hanging next to Norwegian rosemaling woodware, and a red wool quilt from Belgium on a red leather couch...'s just normal for us.

AND...what do we often discuss?

Yup...our travels.

Remember that time in the Cairo metro? Oh, how about that man in Amman who tried to take mom's bag? Getting lost in London, riding in a paddy wagon in Belfast....Oh, you'll read about lots of these things here on our site.

BUT...why not have international gifts in YOUR home too? And now you can without the hassle of traveling, although we highly recommend that as well.

In the meantime check out our growing list of pages where you can grab stuff...

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Check out individual pages to find gifts of sale from those countries.

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