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Afternoon In Paris
Afternoon In Paris

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Hey, if I can dig up my unique photos of the Eiffel Tower, I will add them to my site. I took some neat angles like this poster. Views that you rarely see of the Eiffel Tower. You'll need a good set of lungs to climb the Eiffel tower...I made it, but couldn't keep up with the flow...I went at my own pace. Funny, isn't it that I can swim for an hour without getting the least bit tired, but as soon as there is upward motion, I wear out fast.

I even took a couple of photos of the Eiffel Tower last month from our airplane as we were descending into Charles DeGaulle airport.

The designer of the Eiffel Tower, Gustave Eiffel, also designed the Statue of Liberty. There is a miniature Statue of Liberty in Paris. It's nice to be such good friends with France.

I love roaming around Paris and discovering new places...well, new for me, anyway, like the Louvre. I love viewing the city from high places like from the top of Notre Dame. When I've been up there I see all sorts of amazing places I want to scout out further. Places like France's largest financial district La Defense. Be prepared for a long, long fight of very curvy stairs if you want to hit the top of Notre Dame. I hope you don't get dizzy easily. Very worth it though!


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