Inch View Bed and Breakfast
Perth Scotland

I thoroughly enjoyed my two nights at the Inch View Bed and Breakfast Perth will too!

InchView Bed and Breakfast Perth Scotland
Inch View Bed and Breakfast Perth Scotland

Why Perth, Scotland?

God gave me a set of numbers one night...I love it when He does that. The first time He gave me a set of numbers it took me weeks to solve the mystery. This time I knew the formula to break the it was a snap! All I had to do was obey!

I love obeying God's directions. It is always satisfying, rewarding and so many new doors open up for me.

Wow...if I have many more doors open for me I'll need to find out a way to clone myself so I can get everything done. Well....I suppose I could start hiring people to do the basics so I have more time for the fun stuff...hmmmmm, I'll need to consider that...and also make more money.

So, what was the mysterious set of numbers?

Ok, they were: 44-9-14.

Do they make sense to you?

Here's the solution: 44-country phone code for the UK; 9-September (9th month); 14-14th day.

Pretty simple: God wanted me to go to the UK and be there on September 14.

So I did it!

A Travel Tip: Save 10% from every paycheck and save it just for travel. You'll be surprised at how fast it can add up. Also, use a credit card that gives you airmiles. Just be sure to pay off your credit card bill EVERY month.

Something pretty special did actually happen on that day, as I got to London on 9-14-2007, but this page is not about that.

Hostess and Breakfast at Inch View B&B Perth Scotland
Hostess and Breakfast at Inch View Perth Scotland

I made my way up to Perth, Scotland to see the famous Abernathy Pearl (Little Willie). I love natural pearls and this is a beauty. John of CairnCross Jewelers also showed me a natural pearl neckace he says he won't be able to complete because it is now illegal to collect freshwater pearls in Scotland.

The Inch View Bed and Breakfast Perth Scotland was easy to locate as someone pointed me in the direction of the B&B's. I am not one to make reservations and was glad they had an empty room for me.

The kind owner even carried my very heavy suitcase up the winding stairs to the third floor.

After a day of traveling it is always soooo nice to have a private room to sort out my digital photos, soak my feet (I was recovering from blisters), watch some local TV, eat a snack and finally curl up for a pleasant night's sleep.

The Inch View Bed and Breakfast Perth Scotland is across the street from a lovely park with a large pond, so an evening walk was refreshing. Another park stroller greeted me as we passed, but the heavy Scottish accent totally alluded me, all I could do was give a simple, "Hi!" in return. (These people are speaking English aren't they?)

Speaking of snacks, I actually ate a small supper in my room.

When I travel I do not go to restaurants very often. I save tons of money that way.

Scottish Bridie Supper
Scottish Bridie Supper

As I was walking back to the InchView Bed and Breakfast Perth Scotland after a great day taking videos of the Tay River, seeing the Abernathy Pearl, buying vintage wool blankets at the 3:16 Thrift Shop & mailing them home, talking with Salvation Army street preachers, absorbing the local museum, and general "poking around", I realized I was a little hungry so as I passed a bakery this sign on the front door caught my eye.

"Birdies -- 79 pence"

(I forget what the actual price was...but not too much.)

Hmmm, it wasn't a butcher shop, so I figured it did not mean fried hummingbirds were for sale, and assumed it must be some sort of Scottish pastry. I'd give one a try.

So, I went in and told the lady behind the counter that I "wanted a birdie". She looked quizically at me and asked me again what I wanted.

So I repeated my request: "I'd like a birdie. They are mentioned on your sign outside."

"OHhhhhhh, you mean a BRIDIE!"

"Well, yes, that's what I mean," I replied, quite embarassed that I had misread the sign.

I saved the few pence to have it heated up and took it cold.

Scottish Bridie Opened
Scottish Bridie Opened

Together with some great juice drink it was a spendid supper. That, and the super breakfast in the above photo was plenty food for one day.

Did you know that golfing was invented in Scotland? I did not know that, but several golfers were also staying at the Inch View Bed and Breakfast Perth Scotland.

They came in super late and loudly. The noise of this slap-happy group woke me up.

The next morning, they looked pretty groggy and apologized to me as they passed me in the hall for being so noisy.

Since I'm not used to staying at B&B's I felt a little strange just using the key to get once I knocked at the Inch View Bed and Breakfast Perth Scotland instead. The hosts were surprised to see someone already tucked into one of their rooms knocking.

They assured me it was fine to just use the key and walk in. It saves them lots of trouble too. So I got braver and just "walked into" this home which was also the Inch View Bed and Breakfast Perth Scotland.

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