Ice Skating at Anderwood

We're not a glamorous bunch but ice skating at Anderwood need not be glamorous to be fun!  What mothers can go skating with four strong, young, robust and fun loving adult sons?  I am blessed to be one of them....although I look quite like my sons in my Carharts.

Winter doesn't always bless with the perfect day and the perfect ice but once and awhile it does as was the day in the photos when Sam suggested we all "go out there" and skate.  It's pretty hard to turn down a suggestion from Sam!

We scrounged around for ice skates and managed to find a pair for everyone.  We keep a small collection on hand for such spontaneous moments.

Ice Skating at Anderwood

Speaking of ice skates. I have a regret in that area. When my husband and I moved to Arkansas from Minnesota I thought I'd never need my treasured ice skates again, so reluctantly gave them to Liz, a friend of mine.  Three years later we moved "back up north" to Iowa and there I was in the frozen north fully unprepared without any skates!

And those skates held memories galore. I keep hoping I'll miraculously run into them someday in a second hand store one state away from their home.  Dad took me to Redwood Falls to buy those skates for a 4-H skating party on the Minnesota River. When we got them home and upon closer examination, one of the blades was broken off the mount. Town was too far away and it was quicker for my dad to take the broken skate to the garage and weld it back together.  I cherished that weld! It identified by skates like nothing else could. When we went out skating during school recess, and everyone skates would get all in a tumble, all I had to do was turn the skates over to find mine!

Not only did Dad weld skates. Along with many farm repairs he (probably with my "help", although I don't remember it) welded my name on a piece of iron.  My brother, Mike, found that named iron piece in the walls of the garage when he was residing it.  Another treasure and that one I kept.  I'm not giving that away!

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