I Remember Michael, My Little Brother

by Kari
(Muscatine, Iowa)

Michael was just about the best brother anyone could ever hope to have...we were the best of buddies growing up and in later years I knew Michael could answer just about any question I had for him. He was like a walking encyclopedia, especially when it came to family or local history. His acute memory never ceased to amaze me. A commmon phrase was, "Let's ask Mike."

I remember playing dolls with Mike when Diane and Duane were at school.

I remember accidently smashing into his red bike and bending his front tire into a 90° angle.

I remember long winter walks and "inventing" a snowmobile with him.

I remember watching LOTS of WW2 movies on TV with him.

I remember rock picking, cutting corn out the beans and picking up corn with Mike and having many deep discussions the whole time.

I remember creating plays with Mike and performing on the front lawn for Dad & Uncle Albert.

I remember getting very excited about God with Mike and sneaking off the to Alliance Church in Echo.

I remember bringing him to the bus station when he joined the Marines.

I remember praying he wouldn't have to go to Vietnam.

I remember his anger when he couldn't go to Vietnam.

I remember him showing me his excavated treasures from the sod house on Mom's farm.

I remember calling my husband, Markle, for several years because I got the names of two of my favorite people, Mark & Michael, intertwined.

I remember Mike taking me pheasant hunting.

I remember frantic bike rides down our long driveway to catch the school bus.

I remember & love Michael.


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Oct 19, 2015
good post
by: me

Kari shared her personal memories about her brother Michale. She said that he is one of the best brother in the world because he has all quality which normally a sister except from her brother. your words show your great love for him and now you miss him a lot. I must say thanks for this Childhood story of her brother.

Jun 13, 2009
Like Twins
by: Diane

Thank you Kari. When you and Mike were little you were like twins, inseparable. It was especially nice of you to have mike on your website and give people a chance to post their memories.

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