Hungarian Parliament Building Exterior

Hungarian Parliament Slide show by Kari

This is one gorgeous parliament building! It's very "palace-like". Situated right on the Danube river, everyone who ever passes it can't miss the grand proportions. The tour guide told us that a type of wood was used which turns to stone when it becomes wet, assuring the stability of this amazing structure even if it is on the water's edge.

I highly recommend taking a tour. The wait was worth it and they allow photos....but not too near the security cameras at both the entrance and exit. I made the mistake both places and was sharply rebuked both times. It was an honest mistake. There were no signs to explain this. At the exit, my arm, holding a camera high, was physically, but gently, lowered by a guard and a stern shaking of the head. I got the message.

One of the first things we were shown before ascending the heavenly-like-red-carpeted-forever-high staircase was a scale replica of the parliament building made out of matchsticks. Yes, matchsticks. This amazing piece of craftsmanship after being presented to the government as a gift was rewarded with a free apartment to the miniature craftsman. Something to think about if someone is needing a place to live.

Now see the inside! View a slide show of the parliament windows.
Be sure to enjoy a walk across the Liberty Bridge after your tour of Hungarian Parliament.
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