Hungarian Parliament Windows in Budapest -- Slideshow!

Some of these Hungarian Parliament windows were packed away safely during World War 2.

Slideshow by Kari of Windows in the Parliament Building

Anyone who has a little time in Budapest usually finds their way to the Hungarian Parliament. This is one incredible building. Unbelievable, really. It's more like a palace that a government building.

I wonder what starving peasants thought if they ever saw it?

This is the crown jewel of Hungary and is seen by everyone who ventures out on the Danube, which is a considerable amount of folks. Most who cross the many bridges of Budapest also see it.

Mark and I got there early, but still had a wait before a tour began of this amazing Hungarian parliament building.

A word of caution: don't be too crazy about taking photos in the security entryway. I was rebuked sharply for such an action.

Photos are very much allowed, however, in the main part of the Hungarian parliament building, so by all means, bring your camera. There is a photo in very nook and cranny just waiting to be taken and shared with the world.

Be sure to enjoy a walk across the Liberty Bridge after your tour of Hungarian Parliament windows.
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