Hitlers Globe -- Captured Treasure

Hitlers Globe

This article by the associated press fascinated me....thought someone else might find it amusing

Soldier Sells Hitler's Globe for $100,000

American soldier, John Barsamian found the globe in the ruins of Hitler's Eagle's Nest retreat in the Bavarian Alps in May 1945.

Barsamian, now 91, of Oakland, recently decided to sell it while he is alive so he can personally tell the story behind it, said his son, Barry Barsamian.

Both men watched the bidding Tuesday at Greg Martin Auctions. The winning bid came from San Francisco entrepreneur Bob Pritikin.

Experts had estimateed the item would only bring $15,000 to $20,000.

Other globes presumed to have been owned by Hitler have been extensively researched for authenticity. But there is no uncertainty about the origins of Barsamian's wartime trophy, since he had all the military paperwork that allowed him to bring it back to the United States, including a certificate that reads "1 Global Map, German, Hitler's Eagle Nest."

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"This is probably the most airtight documentation I've run across in some time," said Greg Martin, proprietor of the auction house. "We have pictures of the guy there at the time, standing in the ruins holding the globe like a newborn baby."

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