Heidelberg Castle Doors & Doorways & Hinges

Castles always have fascinating doors and Heidelberg castle doors will not disappoint.

I'll never understand what the deal is about doors. I think they fascinate me because they open up new worlds, unknown worlds that might bring new adventure into my life.  I love adventure.

And I love mysteries, the unknown behind a door.  When Andrew and I were going from point A (Idar Oberstein) to point B (Amberg) one day while cruising through Germany in our rental car I noticed our route didn't go far from Heidelberg.  I seemed to remember there being a castle there, so we veered off the beaten path to a destination unknown to seek adventure at the castle we hoped to find.

Turns out it wasn't the castle I had in mind, but there was a castle! That was fine with us. We went exploring and I looked for doors and doorways and hinges and anything hand forged or neat looking.  The whole place was pretty cool.

No doors were open, but that made it all the more intriguing...we had to guess what was lurking behind each one.

My favorite door was the little wooden door inside of the huge wooden door. Now that is classy!  Two doors for the price of one.  That's my kind of economics!

I'm crazy about hand forged hinges.  Just don't see that anymore unless someone you know is pretty special and will do it for you.  We have a forge and my boys have made hooks and things. Someday I hope they will make a new door for our sandstone water tower and hand forge the hinges on it.

Castles take a long time to build and lots of people to build them.  Were they slaves? Did they get paid?  We they invited to the open house party?  So many things to think about when exploring castles.

I"m running out of things to say about the Heidelberg castle doors, so will let you peruse the rest of the photos without interruption.  I think every mother should rent a car in some foreign country and take one of their children in search of a castle. Great bonding experience.  Nice to take them one by one and enjoy the time just the two of you.

So, when you're done pinning all of my Heidelberg castle doors and doorways and hinges, you may return to my main Germany page here. Oh, dear, I don't have a main Germany page....shame on me. I'll send you instead to my main East Germany page, which no longer exists, the country that is, but the page does. I think I'm thoroughly confusing both of us now....so bye, buy pearls!